What we offer

Wedding Fireworks By MLE Pyrotechnics

Your biggest decision comes first…

Do you want just fireworks? Or fireworks perfectly set to music? oh and we do lasers!

Just Fireworks! – from £750

Firework displays where you’ll experience the raw noise and beauty that this age old art of pyrotechnics unleases in the sky.  We’ll use a wide range of effects building to a finale.

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Definately to music! – from £1000

Pyromusicals as we call them – are when we carefully interpret one or more of your favourite songs with fireworks.  Split second timing fired by computer, we provide the PA.

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Amazing lasers – from £600

Either instead of fireworks – or as an addition.  We can fire beams into the sky which move in every colour complimenting fireworks, or project a logo or text onto the building.

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