Wedding Fireworks By MLE Pyrotechnics

We also do full colour LASERS

When we say lasers – we mean the most powerful outdoor lasers available.  Special low divergence full colour – basically state of the art.

Seen for 20 miles

Our lasers can be seen for 20 miles and will create amazing patterns in the sky.  They move at up to 60,000 times a second and can create amazing effects on their own or to complement fireworks.

Logos and wording

We can produce a laser image of your logo, wording or any text onto a surface such as a building or wall.

Our team are able to carefully digitally create your logo in the industry leading Pangolin software.

Video of purely Lasers

Lasers and Fireworks


Lasers come in various power configurations.  The closer the audience and the more smoke/haze/atmospherics present the less power is needed.

Logo projection

Most popular

Logo or text onto a building

£ 600

  • Includes design
  • Mileage may apply if no fireworks
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Laser beams

Most popular

Laser beams moving around the sky up to 1hr

£ 1000

  • Background beams
  • For creating atmosphere
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Laser show

Laser show – up to 3 mins with or without music

£ 2000+

  • Design included
  • 2 x 30w lasers
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Full show

Most popular

Fully choreographed display


  • Design included
  • 2 – 3 x 30w lasers
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We’d love to see what you have in mind and how we can add lasers to your special day or event with or without fireworks.